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iROW Fitness Studio is the only one of its kind in the Los Angeles area. We offer private, semi private and small group lessons in our rowing studio, as well on the water in beautiful Marina Del Rey, CA! You can also find us on Skype for lessons and consultations in case you live outside of Los Angeles. And for the those who love traveling abroad, we offer rowing tours in unique destinations around the world, always an unforgettable experience!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rower, iROW Fitness Studio is the best place for initiating or enhancing your rowing experience!


About iROW Fitness

Iva Boteva Coaching Single

Owner Iva Boteva has been teaching indoor and outdoor private lessons since 2003 ...

Following a successful rowing career of her own. The persistent demand for expert and quality rowing instruction led to the growth of Iva’s private coaching practice and eventually to the foundation of iROW Fitness Studio and recruitment of rowing coaches Nick Harding, Gary Smoot and Liz Wilson.

At iROW Fitness Studio we believe that rowing is simply the best sport one can learn and practice. It is a multidimensional activity that can be custom tailored to your needs. Whether you seek recreational or competitive rowing, individual or group learning, the comfort of your home or the openness of the Marina, iROW Fitness Studio is your best resource for rowing related services!


Iva Boteva

Founder & Coach

The owner and teaches private lessons as well.
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Liz Wilson


Assistant coach with the UCLA women for two seasons.
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Nick Kenworthy-Browne


High level GB (Great Britain) Rowing qualified coach with 20 years coaching experience.
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Lauren Winters


American Council on Exercise, personal trainer and rower of 8 years.
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Ligita Kaviere


Ligita started rowing at age 14 in Latvia with sole focus on sculling events.
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Iva is the owner of iROW Fitness Studio and teaches private lessons as well. She started rowing at the age of 10, with the support of both of her parents, former rowers. At the age of 13, Iva won her first medal in a single scull - bronze - at the Bulgarian Nationals. From there, she went on to achieve more than 6 Bulgarian National wins before the age of 18....

In 1997 at the Junior Worlds Championship in Belgium, Iva was recruited to row in America for the University of Southern California. With the help of a translator, she accepted the chance to come to California and row for USC. Iva led the team to several USC victories including a win in the Cal Cup in the San Diego Crew Classic, as well as a win in the coxed four at the NCAA National Championships in 1998. In addition, Iva had some major individual accomplishments while at USC, including a world record setting win at the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston, where she won the open women’s race with a time of 6:37.9 at the age of 18.

Iva turned to coaching in 2002 as an assistant for the USC team and their coaching staff. Through coaching the novice women at USC she discovered a love and talent for teaching and ever since then coaching has become a permanent part her life, initially through coaching groups and private lessons for the former Lions Rowing Club in Marina Del Rey, then expanding to other clubs and teams such as the Marina Aquatic Center, California Yacht Club and Sports Club LA, to eventually opening iROW Fitness Studio in 2009 and establishing her own practice for private clients of all age groups and skill levels.


Liz came to us in the summer of 2011 after two seasons as an assistant coach with the UCLA women. Prior to her time with the Bruins, she was active in the rowing community of Rochester New York where she served for seven seasons as the Freshman women’s coach at the University of Rochester. She was also integral to the development of the Genesee Rowing Club, which provides competitive, recreational, and learn to row opportunities for masters rowers. Liz has been a competitive rower herself since 1996 and currently races with BMA boat club where 2012 has been a successful season highlighted by a Gold medal at the San Diego Crew Classic, a Silver medal at the Head of the Charles Regatta and 4 medals at the USRowing Masters Nationals Regatta. Liz is currently a member of LARC rowing club.


"Nick is a high level GB (Great Britain) Rowing qualified coach with 20 years coaching experience. As a senior and head coach he has instructed all levels of rower from novice to Olympic level.

He first began coaching at Oxford University and rowing clubs in the surrounding Oxford area, including Hinksey Sculling School, a club for ages 7-18 where he coached the J15 quad to the school's first National Schools Championship medal. He also established the first multi lane regatta for J13 and below, The Blenheim Palace Junior Regatta, which is now a fixture in the UK rowing calendar.

In the USA, Nick has coached at Boston University, USC - as Director of Rowing for the men, RowLA, California Yacht Club, and the 805 Rowing Club in Oxnard, Ventura."


Lauren Winters is an American Council on Exercise, personal trainer and rower of 8 years. She started rowing in high school as it was the only sport her school offered that didn't involve running. Freshman year she was immediately put on varsity and fell in love with the sport. After high school, Lauren coached novices at the Baltimore Rowing Club. Since then, Lauren has gotten a personal training certification, place in the top 10% of 3 Spartan races, and has managed a boutique fitness studio in West Hollywood. While she is not running/rowing around, Lauren works in comedy and talent management.


Ligita started rowing at age 14 in Latvia with sole focus on sculling events. First competed internationally at age 15 and from there on went on to represent the nation at 8 world championships between 2001 and 2007. She was the first ever rower to be recruited from Latvia to row at an American university and chose to attend USC and rowed for the Trojans for four years as a mainstay in the varsity eight six-seat or stroke. Ligita is a 2002 World Champion in junior women's double and Bronze Medalist in a quadruple scull in 2003.

At USC she was a team captain, 2-time All American, 2007 PAC10 Conference Champion and NCAA Bronze medalist. Ligita joins the iROW team after an 8 year long tenure as assistant coach for USC Women's Rowing. Coaching success includes silver and bronze medal finishes at NCAA Championships in the varsity four, as well as 4-time grand final appearances at NCAA's. Ligita is US Rowing Level 2 certified coach with expertise in rowing, rigging, and all aspects of college recruiting.



On the water lessons take place in Marina Del Rey, CA. We offer Private Lessons, Semi Private Lessons and Group Lessons.*

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iROW Fitness Studio is located at 3560 S. La Cienega Blvd, Suite K, Los Angeles, CA 90016.*

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If you are interested in customized training please contact us to discuss details and options available.*


*Lessons are non-refundable, but they are transferable! Expiration date is one year from the purchase.

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Lessons On the Water

iROW Fitness Lessons On the Water

On the water lessons for iROW Fitness Studio take place in Marina Del Rey, CA.

We meet at Parcel 77, located at 13560 Mindanao Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (map). Paid parking is available.

We offer lessons 7 days per week at 5:45am, 7:00am, 8:15am and 9:30am.

Our fleet consists of 2 singles (boats for 1 rower), 1 double (boat for 2 rowers) and 1 quad (boat for 4 rowers). The use of the equipment is included in the price of the lessons. We also work with rowers who have their own boats or access to club boats.

We offer 2 types of private lessons on the water. In one, the coach is instructing from a motor boat and the rower is in a single scull. In the other, the coach is in a double scull with the rower.

If you are a new rower we will get you started by setting up a private lesson with a one of our amazing coaches in a double scull. As you continue to make progress you can opt to take lessons in a single scull instead.

Experienced rowers can choose what type of lesson they prefer (in a single or in a double with a coach). Many of our clients alternate between both.

If you are a rower with your own boat or access to a boat, we will discuss meeting for your session on the water.

Beginner rowers need to take a minimum of 3 private lessons prior to combining with another rower to share lessons in a double.

Experienced rowers can share lessons in a double scull (their own or club), as well as in our double boat.

Experienced rowers can book a lesson in a quad (sculling boat for 4 people). In addition, we provide coaching for rowers who use their own or club boats (fours and eights).

Lessons at the Studio

iROW Fitness Lessons On the Water


iROW Fitness Studio is located at 3560 S. La Cienega Blvd, Suite K, Los Angeles, CA 90016

We are on the East side of La Cienega Blvd right across from Target. Look for a 2 story plaza, also home of Subway and State Farm Insurance. iROW Fitness Studio is on the second floor. There is ample free parking.

iRow in Numbers

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We offer private, semi private and group lessons at the studio and on the water in Marina del Rey, CA.
Below are our hourly rates that can be split by the number of rowers in the lesson (max 8 rowers).

Standard rates for lessons
Single - $110
5 package - $495
10 package - $935

Rates for lessons with Iva and Ligita
Single - $140
5 package - $630
10 package - $1,190

Other services...
- Customized training plan - $200+ per month
- Race Support – rates vary based on location and duration of travel
- Online SKYPE lessons - see pricing above

For additional services, please email us or call 310.878.7113

To learn about additional limited time special offers, please like us on Facebook.

Fun Facts About Rowing

Rowers are ranked among the most physically fit of all athletes as rowing provides one of the best all-round cardiovascular work-outs. Rowing is also one of the few non-weight bearing sports that exercises all the major muscle groups. As it is low-impact on joints.

  • Rowing is the only sport where looking at competitor's back is a good thing.
  • Singles (one person boat) may be as narrow as 10 inches across, weigh only 23 pounds, and stretch nearly 27-feet long.
  • An eight, which carries more than three-quarters of a ton (1,750 pounds), may weigh as little as 200 pounds. The boats are made of fiberglass composite material.


We periodically send fun and informative content about rowing and life in the marina.



"I am an extremely fortunate neophyte rower because I found Iva, the quintessential rowing coach. There is a very caring, patient, creative, accommodating, methodical method to her instruction. Although I have only had a few lessons all of which have been by Skype I am progressing rapidly. I believe this is due to Iva’s insistence on paying close attention to every detail. In turn you do as well. Proper form, technique, strategy and use of the rowing machines computer capabilities are part of every lesson. The lessons/workouts have proven to be mentally and physically exhilarating."

M.D. Widelock, ESQ.

"I learned how to sweep row, scull and cox with Iva as my coach. Her years of experience as a World champion rower and collegiate athlete are at the core of her skillful coaching and training methodology. Iva has a keen eye for technique; she sees every critical detail of the rowing stroke both on the water and on the erg (rowing machine). She is able to cater the training to each individual's needs and fitness level. By developing a training regimen which is appropriate for each person, she moves her athletes from novice to elite rowers along a path which minimizes injuries and focuses on superior rowing technique. On top of it all, she is always encouraging and values each person's efforts, supporting them on their way toward better rowing."

Liz Greenberger

"Iva's coaching is exceptional on many levels but the overall most significant factor in my mind is Iva's contagious belief in people and their abilities. Iva believes you can do it and so you do; success comes from that strong belief and Iva’s strong coaching. Iva knows rowing and competition and has a talent for communicating her knowledge and instructing her rowers with her own personal blend of both toughness and caring."

Pamela A. Abraham

"Learning how to row on the water after two years on the erg is an experience that has been the epicenter of my mid-life transformation. Life is a series of choices and I chose to embrace a sport that I knew would take patience, focus, endurance and many years to reach a level of proficiency. Iva is the impetus for my midlife addiction to rowing. Iva's expertise in coaching has convinced me that she has eyes in the back of her head and can see in the darkness as well. I am fortunate that Iva has believed in me and enabled me to believe in the possibilities that lie within. To be her student is a gift as she helps me on days where my muscle memory cooperates and also on days where my body and the boat are not harmonious. In all situations Iva is a talented coach and as I say to her frequently, 'Who knew?' but the answer is Iva. Iva can steer your journey to reach your goals. I am hoping to row into my 80s ( 30 years from now) and hope that Iva will be there to help me with her excellence in coaching skills and friendship. As a physical therapist, I can assure anyone that correct technique and form and injury prevention are key aspects of her coaching skills. Treat yourself to a series of private lessons with Iva and you will never regret the experience!!!!"

Dr. Lori Annes

I’m a 50-year old who rowed all through high school and college, and slowly let the passion for rowing and fitness dissipate as life got in the way. Through iRow Fitness I’ve finally found a way to reconnect to the sport I love and get healthy once again. I came across iRow through an internet search, was intimidated to join, but after quick e-mail exchanges with Iva (iRow founder and queen!), and a few classes, realized I’d found the right spot. Iva’s a big part of my renewed sense of engagement. She’s laid back but tough, provides great style pointers and insights, but gives us all room and time to explore the right path to rowing better. Workouts are fun and change up every time…some days I leave the Studio exhausted, others I leaving anticipating the next great session a few days later. Finally, the group of folks that come to row in Iva’s studio are terrific…architects, dancers, teachers, math geeks and corporate types all motivated by nothing more than a desire to get some great exercise and stay fit. It’s a casual, fun but energizing environment.

Iva also got lots of us hooked on competing at the Long Beach Crash B satellite race or other rowing events. She pushes competitions for no other reason than to let us explore our limits, and is there for us every step of the way as we prepare. Her work outs and coaching leading up to the recent Beach Sprints competition in Long Beach were great…we all came well-prepared to do our best. Close to race date she sent e-mails and worked with us to define the right race strategy and most of all, to calm us down. During the race, Iva coached me through the grueling 2000 meter ordeal. Unlike the others surrounding us, who were screaming and creating a commotion that was really distracting (except for my iRow teammates…their support was great), Iva sat cool and collected and provided just the right commentary to keep me focused. I listened to what she was saying, and how she was saying it...it calmed me down and got me in the zone, enough so that I rowed my best time (under 7 minutes!!!), won my age group and have set targets on further improvement down the road. I’m also going to start sculling with Iva this spring; ergs are fun, but nothing beats the feeling of powering through calm water (assuming I can keep the scull from flipping).

Ed Chuchla

I have been working on the water with Garry Smoot - rowing coach for iROW fitness Los Angeles - for about 6 months now. Prior to that I took indoor rowing lessons with Iva for about a year and developed a good rowing foundation.

Needless to say, any of Iva’s rowing coaches has a high level of integrity and a strong eye for precision when it comes to rowing. Gary’s ability to evaluate and “dissect” my stroke into its strengths and weaknesses has developed me into a good and confident rower.

But technical proficiency is not the only thing that makes Gary such an extraordinary coach. It is his excitement about teaching and my accomplishments that is inspiring; it always brings me to do the best I can; effortlessly. There are times when Gary is truly more excited about my rowing than I am myself.

His coaching philosophy is one that makes you feel safe. As with anything, learning something new comes with excitement, a sense of accomplishment and tons of frustration. It is during those less glamorous moments that Gary’s sublime coaching skills expose themselves. He has always held me with kindness during moments of frustration, madness, and when frustration has brought me to the edge of tears.

Whatever you experience is as a student, Gary is in tune with it delicately. It is the cocktail of his ability to allow a student to go through all the ups and downs, the safety he provides and the technical expertise he possesses that allows me to confidently recommend him to anybody who wishes to learn rowing.

Marleen Wens

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iROW Fitness Studio is located at 3560 S. La Cienega Blvd, Suite K, Los Angeles, CA 90016 ...

We are on the East side of La Cienega Blvd right across from Target. Look for a 2 story plaza, also home of Subway and State Farm Insurance. iROW Fitness Studio is on the second floor. There is ample free parking.

3560 S. La Cienega Blvd.,
Ste. K (second floor)
Los Angeles, CA 90016
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